Do You Engage in Selfies?

Selfies are photos that you snap yourself, usually with your cell phone. They’re snapped everywhere from important events to the backyard and the bathroom. There’s even a television show starting in the US next fall titled Selfie. But not everyone appreciates them. How about you? Do you engage in selfies?

You would be hard-pressed these days to find a cell phone without a camera, and many of them have two cameras so that they can take normal photos as well as selfies with cameras in the front and back of the phone. The front camera used to be meant for video chat and conferencing, but now has evolved to one for self-portrait photography. It becomes a great way to share not only your current look but also wherever you currently are, without having to trouble others to take photo for you. Yet some people overdo the selfies taking a new one seemingly every day. It can get to be too much.

How about you? Do you head into the bathroom every time you feel you have a great look going on to capture a selfie? Do you takes pictures of yourself and/or your friends at important events? Do you memorialize your vacations via assorted selfies?

Do you engage in selfies?

Image Credit: Derzsi Elekes Andor via Wikimedia Commons

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