Do You Carry a Portable Battery/Charger With You?

The best thing about laptops, tablets, and cell phones is their portability. However, it’s also the worst thing about them, as the more you use them and keep them by your side, the sooner their batteries run out. Portable batteries and chargers help greatly in this instance. Do you carry one of those with you?

Whether you have a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, you’ve no doubt dealt with this problem at one time or another. It’s a terrible predicament and the only other option is to stop using your device as much, e.g. don’t play music or don’t check your social media as much. Well, there is another option, and that’s to turn it off when not in use, but who wants to do that? That’s were portable batteries and chargers come in. There are many of both on the market. They come in handy when your device has a tendency to run out of battery before you can get back home to charge it up regularly and prevent you from having to turn it off or use it less often. The portable batteries are great because you can give your device an extra boost literally everywhere. And chargers can fill that gap when you have an extra electrical outlet or car outlet at your disposal.

Annoyed with your phone running out of battery when your day isn’t over with? Missing text messages because your phone has died out? How do you solve the problem?

Do you carry a portable battery or charger with you?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. Sure when I travel, but I try more and more to not take me phone with me and I started to love those moments of being just alone with myself without any intrusions.

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