Easily Create Disposable Email Addresses That Have a Custom Domain with 33Mail

Create Numerous Aliases with 33Mail

Do you feel that your search engine or another app is gathering information on you? In the tech times we live in, many of us have almost surrendered to the fact that we are being watched, either by the tech giants such as Google or the current government. Many have probably given up since we feel that there is nothing we can do to protect out privacy, but with 33Mail, there is one thing we are in control of: what email address we give out.

With this free and easy to use web app, you will be in control of what email address you give out to sites to try out their services. When you first sign up you will be sent a confirmation email, and you will need to add sender@mailer.33mail.com to your address book and or spam whitelist to confirm.

33Mail offers you three different accounts: there is the free forever account that gives you unlimited email aliases, 10MB of monthly bandwidth and one anonymous reply a day. The Premium $1.00 a month plan offers unlimited email aliases, 50MB of monthly email limit, twenty anonymous responses a day, one custom domain and full email support. Then there is the Pro account for $5.00 a month. This account gives you unlimited email aliases, 500MB of monthly email limit, one-hundred anonymous replies a day, five custom domains and full email support.


First, you need to sign up and pick your username. For example, let’s say you use “janedoe;” from now on, any email you type should look like @janedoe.33.mail.com, and all emails you receive will be forwarded to you.

The next time you want to sign up to try out a new web app that talks about video editing, you can sign up using the email “videoedit@janedoe.33mail.com,” and the email will be accepted. Don’t you feel better knowing that you don’t have to give out your real email address anymore?

If you later discover that the video-editing app was not for you, you are not stuck with their annoying newsletters. Sure, you can try to unsubscribe, but some make it so hard to do that that you end up just erasing the email as soon as you see it in your inbox. If you ever need to answer an email that the site sent, you can reply through your alias, and they will never see your real email address.

If a site was sending you emails you are not interested in, you can always click on the link that 33Mail gives you in every email you get, and any further emails from that site will be blocked. Remember that 33Mail is not an inbox; you will get the email in your real email, but they will be forwarded by the app.


33Mail allows you to change your username only once, so make sure that if you ever do decide to change it, it is one that you are very happy with.

If you open the free account, don’t forget that you can only create four aliases in a thirty minute period, but if you go premium, you can create twenty in half an hour and fifty if you go Pro.

Your bandwidth is calculated on a thirty-day rolling window, and if you ever go over, you will be given a warning, but no emails will be dropped. The emails that are forwarded to 33Mail can have attachments, but the limit for that kind of email is 10M.

How do I manage all of my aliases?

At the bottom of the above image, you will see the words “Sort Aliases,” and after that you can see the aliases you have created, the ones you use the most, the ones most recently used, the blocked aliases, the ones with the most bandwidth and the ones that are enabled.


There are a lot of things we can’t control, but thanks to 33Mail, we can control what email sites wI’ll use when we decide to sign up. This is a great app to try to avoid having to close your email account because of all those unwanted newsletters you can’t get rid of. Don’t forget to give the article a share, and let us know your thoughts on 33Mail in the comments.

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