How to Display The Weather Condition As Wallpaper [Linux]


There are many ways to find out the weather condition in your city. You can go to, use weather widget or even set it on your desktop with conky. Here is yet another way that you can obtain weather information quickly: display the weather condition as a wallpaper in your desktop.

WeatherPaper is a weather based desktop wallpaper changer for Windows and Linux. It fetches the weather condition at a regular interval and display the information on your desktop as a wallpaper. It is functionality similar to the weather applet in conky (both grab the weather condition from and display the information in your desktop) except that this WeatherPaper script displays the information in the form of a wallpaper and it is customizable and visually more pleasing.


1. Go to the WeatherPaper site and download the latest version of the weatherpaper script (the latest version as of this post is 0.2.2 and the file name is 0.2.2-linux.tar.gz)

2. Extract the content of the tar file to your home folder.

3. Open a terminal and type the following:


Go to “Applications -> Accessories -> WeatherPaper“.

You should see that your desktop wallpaper is immediately changed to reflect the current weather condition.

To configure the weatherpaper script, go to “Applications -> Accessories -> WP Settings Editor

Things that you can configure include:


Here is where you can start/stop the weatherpaper service. You can also make it run on startup.



Here is where you enter your location so it can fetch the correct weather condition for the place you are located. You will need to enter your US zip code (if you are located in the US) or your weather location ID.


To retrieve your location ID, go to, enter your city (or country) in the search field. On the URL, you will see your weather location ID.



The weatherpaper script comes with the default tango theme that shows the various weather condition. There is no gallery or image library where you can download new themes, but you can easily create one on your own.



The last tab is where you configure the interval for the script to check the weather condition and whether it should display the temperature in Celcius or Farenheit.


Overall, this is a simple yet functional wallpaper script for those who need to get hold of the weather condition regularly. I don’t use it as the default though since the place I am located is sunny throughout the year. The ability to create your own wallpaper pack is also a great feature in the script. If you have created a nice wallpaper pack, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

image credit: Mooganic

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  1. Hi Damien! Thank you for this article! There is a problem though: getting ‘Could not connect’ error message! What should I do! Browser connect just fine! Thank you

    1. Did you check the city weather ID? If you key in wrongly, it won’t be able to grab the result from the web.

    1. The wallpaper is available at I switched the position of the temperature in the theme file.

  2. also check this >>Real-time Sunlight Earth Wallpaper

  3. I’m confused. Is it or Those are two different sites altogether.

    The problem is, I live in Finland. Now, gives me my location, all right, but does not. seems to be extremely U.S. centric – they seem to have only ONE location for my entire country (imagine that the only weather location for the entire U.S. would be Austin TX, and you will see how this is a bad thing).

    And, of course, does not seem to give you the location code for inputing it into the program.

    So, great program for people in the U.S., pretty much useless for the rest of the humanity…

    1. Oh…I guess it doesn’t work as well in some regions. I got it work fine in my region though, and I am not in U.S.

  4. Hi Damien! I installed your app on Mandriva 2010 Spring and nothing happens when I try to launch it. I tried to start it in a terminal window (under root) and I get the message :
    “File “/opt/WeatherPaper/”, line 45, in
    import Image
    ImportError: No module named Image”. Any idea ?

  5. I’m answering to myself. Finally, upon restart, the application started working. Good news. The overlay display is not right though (it spreads out of the screen), and I tried to fix it by manipulating the overlay.xml file in the tango directory : align left, different pixel figures, etc. But no success so far. Nothing changes. Maybe next reboot ?

    1. The documentation for creating a custom wallpaper pack is quite comprehensive ( You can refer to it there. The more important thing to note is the location where you save the files and its file permission.

  6. @Markosaarinen75 : I could not find the right location code for Yahoo weather by following the procedure indicated in the configuration screen. But I could find it using this page :
    Would that solve your problem ?

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