How to Show the Lunar/Moon Phases Calendar in Google Calendar

Moon Phase Google Calendar Featured

Google Calendar is the go-to Calendar app for most people organizing their lives online. While most of our interactions involve putting in appointments and reminders, you can display any number of different calendars in Google Calendar, including a moon phases or lunar calendar, which keeps you updated on the phases of the moon throughout the year.

So here we’re going to quickly show you how to display the lunar calendar built into Google Calendar.

First, open up your Google Calendar, then click the cog icon -> Settings.

Show Lunar Moon Phases Calendar Settings

In the left-hand pane, click “Add calendar” then “Browse calendars of interest”.

Show Lunar Moon Phases Calendar Of Interest

Right near the bottom of the list that appears, you should see “Phases of the Moon”. Check the box, and you’re set!

Show Moon Phases Calendar on Phone

Now before you start looking to do the same on your phone, it looks like at this point you can’t enable the Moon Phases Calendar in Google Calendar on your phone.

Show Lunar Moon Phases Calendar Android

Instead, you can try an app like My Moon Phase or Phases of the Moon on Android or Calendar Moon Phases on iOS to keep track of that big old pie in the sky.

Are you fed up of Google’s snooping and open to a different calendar app? Try one of these alternatives to Google Calendar. Or if you want to dig deeper into Google Calendar instead, see how to add Calendar events directly from your Chrome address bar.

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