Get Speed & Security with Disconnect: Lifetime Premium Subscription

There are two things you want out of your browsing experience other than information: Speed and security. You want to access websites and Google for information as quickly as possible, yet at the same time you want to be sure your information and history are secure. Disconnect: Lifetime Premium Subscription can help you out with that. It will block trackers and malware throughout your device and can lead to you browsing up to 44% faster with 39% less bandwidth used, meaning you will also improve your battery life.

  • Block tracking requests from your devices
  • Browse more quickly and extend your battery life
  • Keep companies, cybercriminals, and government agencies out of your business
  • Encrypt your Internet connection with VPN tech
  • Mask your location to access content as if you are in a different country
  • Get access to blocked services, sites, and apps

Get this lifetime subscription for less than $50.

Disconnect: Lifetime Premium Subscription

Bonus: Topless Waterproof iPhone Case


If you have trouble keeping your phone from being near water but hate cases that make it hard to use the touchscreen, you might want to try the Topless Waterproof iPhone Case, the world’s first of its kind. Not only is it waterproof, it’s also shockproof, dirt-proof, and snow-proof, allowing you to go about your day without the constant worry of whether your phone is okay.

  • Get optimum touchscreen sensitivity with topless direct-touch screen
  • Keep the phone waterproof yet still usable with wetsuit technology
  • Case is slim despite a triple layer of shock protection
  • Protect your phone from water and dust with the highest level of protection
  • Will withstand drops of up to two meters
  • Compatible with Touch ID
  • Maintain photo quality with optical anti-reflective glass over the camera and flash

Keep your iPhone safe at 62% off for just $29.95.

Topless Waterproof iPhone Case

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