What Is Windows SuperFetch and How Can You Disable It

Not every feature in Windows 10 is there just to take up space. There are various features that Windows 10 has that are very useful. Take SuperFetch, for example. It’s a feature that’s been around since Windows Vista and is still available in Windows 10.

This feature’s intention is to help and make your routine easier and faster. Many users may not know this feature even exists, but it is definitely worth looking into.

What Is SuperFetch

SuperFetch is designed is to make your computer experience faster. It sits quietly in the background and evaluates the apps you use most and how much RAM you use as well.

The next time you start your PC, it will then preload these apps in the memory. When you want to use these apps, they will launch much faster.

SuperFetch uses all unused memory with preloaded apps, but this doesn’t mean it will always use the same amount. If you activate an app you haven’t been using, it will release the memory you need to set up and use that app and so on.

Why You May Want to Disable SuperFetch

Even though SuperFetch is a useful feature, it also means your computer is working harder in the background, which translates to a higher RAM and CPU usage.

If you’re a gamer, there’s a good chance you won’t want to enable SuperFetch. It can make your gaming sluggish, especially if your computer only has 4GB or less of RAM.

How to Turn Off Windows 10 SuperFetch

If you feel that SuperFetch is doing more harm than good, turning it off might help. To turn it off, search for the “Services” app, followed by the SuperFetch option.


Once you’ve found it, click on it, and the SuperFetch Properties window will appear. In the middle of the window you should see the “Startup type” option, and to the side of it a dropdown menu. Click on menu and choose “Disable.”


Disable SuperFetch Using the Registry Editor

If you prefer to disable SuperFetch by using the Registry Editor, you can by first typing in regedit into the search bar. When the Registry Editor window appears, click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> System -> Current Control Set -> Control -> Session manager -> Memory management -> PreFetch Parameters.”


In the right pane you should see the “EnableSuperfetch” option. Click on it, and where it says “Value data,” change that number to zero. Click OK, and it should now be disabled.


SuperFetch is a useful feature that unless it’s making your computer annoying to use, you should keep enabled. The final decision is yours, but I would recommend that you turn it off and see how things work without it. If you don’t see much of a difference, turn it back on. What do you think you’ll do with the feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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