How to Disable Sponsored Ads in Firefox

It’s no secret that Chrome collects all kinds of information. It does this so it can display what it thinks you’re interested in. It’s that collection of data that has motivated many to switch to browsers such as Firefox that take privacy more seriously.

With Firefox’s recent update to version 60, it started displaying sponsored ads whenever you open a new tab. Some users may not mind seeing these ads, but others want them gone yesterday. Don’t worry if you don’t get along with technology, as the steps to disable sponsored ads are quick and easy.

How to Disable Sponsored Ads in Firefox

To remove all sponsored ads from Firefox, open a new tab and click on the gear icon at the top-right of your display. Right next to the “Highlights” option will be the “Recommended by Pocket” option followed by the “Show Sponsored Stories” box. Just uncheck the box, and you won’t have to deal with those ads anymore. It’s that simple.


Why Has Firefox Decided to Do This?

Before you go ahead and uninstall Firefox thinking it’s following in Chrome’s footsteps, there’s something you should know. The reasons Firefox has decided to add sponsored ads is because it thinks you won’t mind because of how the data is collected.


It only collects users data to improve the user’s experience, and the data is transmitted to Mozilla’s servers in tactful HTTPS pings or messages whenever you do something on the Activity Stream. Also, the data that is collected will never be enough to be able to identify you. Your private settings, browsing or searches will not be transmitted at any moment.

The company has confirmed that the ads emerge from the copy of the browser you have on your computer. The company does not share with advertisers, and Mozilla will make sure that the stories it shows you are first-rate.

Mozilla wants to show the world that it’s possible to make money without devouring users’ personal data. This is also a second income for Mozilla since it needs to make money somehow, right? Time will tell if these kinds of ads get to be too much, but it’s too soon to tell.

You may not see the pocket-powered ads right away because Mozilla said that it would go live this month for Firefox users in the US that have Firefox 60 installed. So far no time frame has been mentioned as to when all Firefox users will see these ads, but the longer it takes, the better.

If you do use Pocket, then you can bet that the recommendations in the new tab will be based on the popular stories that are saved. Also, neither Pocket nor Mozilla will receive a copy of your browsing history.


Firefox tried to hold off on showing its users ads as long as possible, but deep down inside I think we all knew this day was going to come. At least the ads you’ll see will be top-rated, ones that you might actually click on, and ones that you can easily disable. Are you upset that Firefox has jumped on the ad bandwagon? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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