How to Disable the Smart Zoom Feature in OS X Mavericks Safari

How to Disable the Smart Zoom Feature in OS X Mavericks Safari

Are you enjoying OS X Mavericks’ new version of Safari, but hating the double tap to zoom feature? This feature is called “smart zoom” and it’s triggered with a simple double-tap on your mousepad. While this feature can be useful for quickly zooming in and out of websites and images, it can also be annoying since it’s so easy to trigger by accident.

If you’re wondering how to disable the smart zoom feature for Safari, it’s actually quite simple.

1. Open System Preferences and click on the device you’re using, such as Mouse or Trackpad (for me, it’s Trackpad on my Macbook Pro).

Follow these steps to disable smart zoom in Safari - OS X Mavericks.

2. Now you’ll need to find the smart zoom feature. For me, I found it under the “scroll & zoom” tab, however if you selected “Mouse” then you may find it under the “point & click” tab.

Wherever you find it, uncheck the box next to smart zoom to disable it. That’s it! No more accidentally zooming in on web pages when browsing in Safari.

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