How to Disable “Shake to Minimize” in Windows 10

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Known back in the days of Windows 7 as the “Aero Shake,” this feature lets you minimize windows by grabbing onto the ribbon of the one you want to keep open and “shaking” it while holding the left mouse button. This feature, now known as “Shake to Minimize,” lives on in Windows 10. Some people love it, but I, for one, don’t find it that useful. (It would be much better if you could shake to unminimize everything again.) It can even get in the way if you’re prone to jittery mouse movements.

Here you’ll learn how to disable “Shake to Minimize.” You’ll do this using the Windows registry, and while the process is safe if you follow the instructions, it’s always a good idea to back up your Windows 10 registry first.

First, open the Registry Editor by hitting Win + R and entering regedit in the box.

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In the registry editor, go to

Here, right-click an empty space in the pane on the right, select “New -> DWORD (32-bit),” then call it “DisallowShaking.”


Double-click the newly-created entry, then change the number in the “Value” box to “1” and click OK. No more shakes!

Now that you have disabled the “Shake to Minimize” feature, we have a whole bunch more registry tweaks for you. Head over to our hub for Windows 10 registry hacks to take a look. It’s also important to keep your PC healthy, so take a gander at our guide for checking the health of your Windows 10 hard drive.

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  1. Thanks to your article I’ve finally (after all these years of being only minorly annoyed by this so I kept forgetting to lookup a fix), disabled this function. I tend to grab a window THEN think about where I want to put it which leads to “shaking”. However, I wanted to let you know that you CAN unminimize by simply shaking again, which is in opposition to the comment in the article.

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