Disable Notifications on the Lock Screen in OS X Mavericks

The Notification Center in Mac OS X is great for keeping up with events, reminders, email messages, chat messages and more. Unfortunately, by default these notifications also show up on your Mac’s lock screen when you’re away from your Mac (according to your personal settings).

So, how can you protect your privacy and keep your personal notifications away from prying eyes? Simple, you can disable notifications on the lock screen – specifically, the ones you don’t want show publicly.

In OS X Mavericks you can disable notifications on the lock screen on a per-app basis.

This is very easy to do in OS X Mavericks. First go to System Preferences (via the Apple menu, Dock icon or Spotlight). Click on Notifications (last option in the first row) and then you can go through all of your apps that are in the Notification Center. Click on an app and uncheck the “show notifications on lock screen” option. Since each app has its own settings, you can disable notifications on a per-app basis.

When you’re done close out System Preferences, and you’re all set – no more private notifications for the world to see on your screen.