How To Disable Your Mac’s Startup Sound

If you’re a regular Mac user, you’ll know that every time a Mac starts up or reboots, it is accompanied by the startup sound. Some might like this, but others might despise it. Although you can mute the sound by holding down the “Mute” key on any Mac keyboard, one of the better ways is to permanently disable your Mac’s startup sound using Terminal.

To do this, simply follow the steps below:

1. Launch Terminal. This can either be down by Spotlight, or by navigating to “/Applications/Utilities/”.


2. Once Terminal is up and ready, simply enter the command to disable the boot chime and press Enter:

Since we’re using a “sudo” command here, you’ll be asked to enter the admin password.


Now, the next time you start up your Mac, it will be completely silent, with no chime whatsoever.

To return to the default setting, i.e to enable the start up chime, enter this altered command into Terminal:


Now, there might be a lot of you out there who aren’t really comfortable with using Terminal. For those of you, you can use a simple and easy tool such as StartUp Ninja to mute the chime.

That’s it! A silent Mac for you on startup. If you have any suggestions/comments, do tell us in the comments below. We always love to hear from you!