How to Disable Hangout History via Google+

If you use Google Hangouts regularly (previously known as Google Talk), there may be times when you wish to disable Hangout History so that there isn’t a record available for prying eyes to see. This is very easy to do via Google+ and will help to ensure a little privacy when chatting.

Head over to Google+ and open the Hangouts chat sidebar – if it’s not open already; you can do this by clicking on “Hangouts” towards the top right of the page.

Click on Hangouts in the top right corner to open the Hangouts chat sidebar.

Now, click on the chat thread that you wish to disable chat history for, and click on the gear icon. If you’re already in a chat, you can just click on the gear icon from the chat window.

Click on the gear icon to bring up chat options.

Finally, uncheck the box next to “Hangout history” to disable it and click on the “Save” button. Chat history will be disabled for that specific chat only. If you want to disable Hangout history for more threads, you will need to go to each one individually and repeat the above steps.

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