How to Disable Google Maps Location History

How to Disable Google Maps Location History

If you’re a frequent Google Maps user, you may already know that your location history is being tracked for safe (or not-so-safe) keeping. When you go to your Google Maps dashboard, you’ll notice that your past visited places are automatically saved along with the dates that you visited (mine go back to 2011), and even nearby places are listed as well.

If someone else were to log into your account, they could easily see where you’ve been in the past. Companies that have been granted access to your location may also be able to look up your location as well.

Use this page to disable your Google Maps location history.

If you don’t want any of this happening, there’s an easy way to disable Google Maps location history for your account. Go to this page, click next to “Disable” and click the “save” button. Just know that this will not remove your existing history. You’ll need to go to the History management page to do that (link is provided on the location history page).

via Ghacks