How to Disable Video and Sound Autoplay in Facebook for Android

With Facebook becoming a big part of our social lives, thousands of videos get uploaded to Facebook every day. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of these videos on your feed. The Facebook app for Android has been autoplaying these videos for a while, but a recent update has also made the videos turn on their sound before autoplaying. This can be incredibly annoying for users, and some of them want a way to disable autoplaying video sounds in Facebook for Android.

If you want to disable sound from autoplaying or would like to stop videos from autoplaying altogether, you can do so by setting options within the Android Facebook app itself.

Disabling Autoplaying Sound

Disabling sound from autoplaying is beneficial if you like browsing Facebook in quiet areas. It’s also a good option if the feature simply annoys you, and you don’t like videos playing loud sounds as you scroll by them. The following steps will tackle both of these cases, so you can browse in peace.

This is not the best way to go if you want to save on mobile data. While the sound may be muted, the app will still be downloading the video as it’s playing which will still make a dent in your data plan. It’s also not for people who simply don’t like seeing videos autoplay as they browse. If you want to stop Facebook autoplaying videos altogether, go to the “Disabling Video Autoplay” section below.

Mute The Phone’s Sound

It may seem like a no-brainer that disabling sound on your phone will stop videos from playing sound, but there’s a little more to this. The auto-sound feature on Facebook specifically checks if the user’s device is muted. If it is, the app will not override this setting and will automatically mute videos while playing them. This means you won’t have any nasty surprises even after you’ve muted your phone.

Disabling The Option

For those who prefer to have sound enabled while they use their phone, there’s a way to disable autoplaying video sounds in Facebook for Android. To do this, tap on the three bars at the top left of the Facebook app.


From the menu that appears select Settings.


In the menu that pops up select App Settings.


Then, find the setting that reads “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.” Turning this off will stop sound from autoplaying as you browse past the videos.


If you don’t see this specific option, it means your Facebook app hasn’t received the autoplay sound update just yet. When you do, you can follow the above steps again to disable autoplaying video sounds in Facebook.

Disabling Video Autoplay

Stopping videos from autoplaying altogether is a great option for those annoyed by videos playing by themselves, regardless of if the sound is on or not. If you want to save mobile data, disabling autoplay will also help you save on your plan. If you’re in either of these camps, follow the steps below to stop videos from playing by themselves.

Changing the Setting

To turn off videos autoplaying altogether, access the settings menu the same way as above: press the three bars, then Settings, then App Settings. In the same menu we accessed before, there is also an option called “Autoplay.”


If you select this, you’ll be presented with the following options.


On Mobile Data and WiFi Connections will autoplay videos regardless of how you’re connected to the Internet. If you’re reading this article, you probably you don’t want this to be selected!

On WiFi Connections Only is a good choice for people who like autoplaying videos but not phone data bills. This will give you autoplaying videos only when you’re connected to a WiFi connection. When you’re using mobile data, it will switch itself off to save you money.

Never Auto-play Videos turns the feature off regardless of what connection you’re using. If the idea of autoplaying videos doesn’t suit you, regardless of whether you’re on WiFi or mobile data, you can select this option and say goodbye to videos playing by themselves on your feed.

Sound Off

Autoplaying videos and sounds can be a big pain for some users. However, there are ways to get around this annoying problem in Facebook. Now you know how to disable autoplaying video sounds in Facebook for Android and how to turn off autoplaying videos altogether.

Does the autoplaying of videos and sound bother you? Or do they make life easier? Let us know below.

Simon Batt
Simon Batt

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