How to Disable Automatic App Updating in Windows 8.1

There are times when it makes perfect sense to keep software up to date – Automatic Updates in Windows help to ensure that you are protected against bugs and security holes that may be discovered, for example. Windows 8.1 also introduces the idea of automatic app updating for software that is installed through the Store.

At first it may seem like this is a great idea, but there is no way of knowing whether you will like the new version of a particular app. As well as fixing problems that may have been discovered, updates also add and remove features – and it can be extremely annoying to find that a feature you have come to rely on has disappeared.

Thankfully, it is possible to disable automatic app updating so you can take control of the situation and update apps at time that suits you. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Bring up the Start screen by pressing the “Windows key” or pressing the “Start” button, and then open up the Store.


Pull up the Charms bar by swiping in from the right hand side of the screen, or by pressing “Windows key + C”. Click or tap the “Settings” link.


In the list of options that appears to the right, click “App updates”.


You should see that the toggle beneath the “Automatically update my apps” label is set to “Yes”. Click it to switch it to “No”.


From this point forward you will need to manually check for app updates. This is done in the same place – just call up the Charms bar, click “Settings” followed by “App updates” and then click the “Check for updates” button.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a software fiend and a fan of the new, shiny and intriguing. Never afraid to get his hands dirty with some full-scale geekery, he’s always trying out the latest apps, hacks and tweaks. He can be found on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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