Disable Auto-Brightness Adjustment in Windows 8.1

When you are using Windows 8.1 on a laptop, you may well encounter different lighting conditions that make it difficult to see what is happening on screen. When light levels are low, for instance, having a screen turned up to full brightness can be uncomfortable on the eyes, and a dim screen in a bright room can make it hard to work effectively.

But if you are experiencing problems with the way screen brightness levels are being changed for you, or you just don’t like the feature, you can disable it so your screen or monitor remains at the same, constant brightness level.

Press “Windows key + C” or swipe in from the right hand side of the screen to display the Charms bar. Click “Settings” followed by “Control Panel” and then open the “Power Options” applet.


You will see that one of the available power plans is selected. To change the options relating to it, click the “Change plan settings” link


There are two sliders that can be used to adjust the brightness level that should be used when your laptop is plugged in to power, and when it is running on battery. You can configure these to your liking, but to disable level changing completely, click the “Change advanced power settings” link.


In the list of settings, scroll down to the “Display” section and click the “+” icon to expand it. Then expand the “Enable adaptive brightness” section to reveal the options.


It is possible to choose different settings depending on whether your laptop is plugged in or not. Use the two drop down menus to turn adaptive brightness “On” or “Off” as you want.


Having chosen your settings, click “OK”.

Should you decide that you want brightness to be automatically adjusted again in the future, just run through the steps again and choose the appropriate settings.

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    1. For those you have changed it, but still having the same problem.
      Thats because there are a few power plan your computer’s having.
      E.g. See screenshot above, there are Balance, Power Saver and High Performance.
      When you clicked on “Change advanced power settings” link, you will be able to change the adaptive Brightness, however, note that, when you changed that, you only change for Power Saver Plan.
      In the same windows, you can select other plan like Balance, then change the Adaptive Brightness again, and also do for the same for High Performance plan.

      So in Total, you need to Off it 3 times for 3 different power plan.

      Hope that helps.

        1. If you are an AMD Catalyst Control Center user there is an option within the settings that is called “Vari-Bright.” Disable it or adapt its setting to your needs. You can find it here: AMD Catalyst Control Center -> Power -> PowerPlay -> Vari-Bright checkbox.

          1. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a few hours, thinking it was a windows thing, not that I should look into the AMD Catalyst Control Center… which surprisingly I never looked into before.
            Anywho, problem solved, thank you :D

  1. if nothing of the mentioned procedures works you could try this.
    1 – make the changes which are suggested on the top (had no effect at my computer – but it’s obvious important)
    2 – go to the mobility center (right click on windows button or press windows key + x -> mobility center)
    3 – adjust brightness and you are done – maybe^^
    it doesn’t make much sense, but on my laptop it worked (hp elitebook 8570w with nvidia graphics)

  2. I’ve found going into Control Panel // Devices and rolling back or uninstalling the driver for your display adaptor works…until windows finds out and reinstalls it again

  3. Just go to power options in the control panel. Then change plan settings. Then change advanced power settings. Then select display and go to 1st enable adaptive brightness. Off all the settings inside. Then go to dimmed display brightness and make all to zero. Then restart the pc. now ok.

  4. I follow all those steps to the letter, but when I get into the advance options there is no enable adaptive brightness option in the little display menu, so I don’t know what to do.

  5. After updating to Win 8.1, the screen brightness changes automatically depending on the images displayed. If the screen is displaying a bright image then the brightness automatically increases and vice versa. Someone please post a solution for this problem.

  6. The same problem as Shejin has. HP Elitebook 8770w, Quadro K4000M, drivers 331.82, Windows 8.1. On windows 7 the same driver doesn’t have that kind of a problem. So far I have only one solution: install old nvidia driver

  7. Followed this as well and didnt work. My laptop have Intel HD Graphic 3000 and AMD Radeon 6600M graphic cards. I just disabled the AMD graphic card and i can adjust brightness. I am guessing ATI need to update the Radeon drivers to work with Win 8.1. Hope this help you guys.

  8. alright I figured it out.

    disable “Intelligent display” in the power options, in ‘Dell extended battery life options’, this is how I was able to disable the auto brightness!

  9. Hi guys.
    I was suffering same problem of you but I found a solution from the other power option.
    It was a power saving technology of graphic adapter. It is called as “Vari Power”
    You can turn off that function in a the AMD Catalyst Control Center.
    Refer next article.

  10. Oh. I made a mistake.
    The name of that function is “Vari Bright” not “Vari Power”.

  11. Junhyung is correct, Disable Vari Bright in CCC. For some reason it turned on after updating to Windows 8.1… I was afraid that a contact had broken somewhere inside my laptop.

  12. And if you have a laptop running Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, turn off “Display Power Saving Technology” under Power.

  13. AWESOME, Toshiba tech help couldn’t find the problem but you have solved it. CCC wouldn’t open because there was nothing to adjust in it’s eyes so I downloaded and installed a newer version of CCC which did open and after turning off Vari Bright I became very happy. Joy to all.

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