How to Disable Apps Running In The Background in Android

If you ask any Android expert for the solution to fix a slow phone, one of the answer you will receive is to uninstall the unnecessary apps so they won’t run in the background. But what if you need an app to be installed (even though you are only using it occasionally) and yet preventing it from running in the background?

One solution is to make use of a Task Manager and kill the background running app regularly. Alternatively, you can disable the app totally so it won’t (and can’t) be running in the background at all.

Here’s how you can manually disable apps from running in the background without your permission.

Note: This trick will only work in selected phone. It does not work in the stock Android in the Nexus device.

1. Go to the “Settings” section in your phone.

2. Scroll down and go to Applications manager.

Android Settings Application Manger

3. Swipe from right to left until you reach the “All applications” tab.

Application Settings in Android

4. Now, tap on the app you want to disable from running in the background and it will show you two buttons: Disable and Force Stop. Tap on Disable.

Disable button for Apps in Android

It will ask you for confirmation whether you want to disable the app, just tap OK.

Confirmatin in disabling app in Android

And you are done. Now, the app will not run in the background even if any other application tries to execute it. If you want to enable it, just follow the same steps. However, one thing you should note here is that if you disable any application, it will disappear from the App Drawer and will not be available till you enable it again. You can also use the Force Stop to temporarily stop the app from running.

Image credit: By Rudy Herman