5 Apps to Get Rid of Annoying Ads on Your Android Device

The Internet is just full of ads. No matter where you are on the Internet, you will encounter at least one ad. These ads help webmasters and app developers to provide you with free content. The reason you have access to numerous resources for free is because of the ads that help developers cover their expenses. Even the apps that you download for your Android device come with ads. Ads are good as long as they are in limited, i.e., one ad per screen.

But what if they cover up almost all of your device’s screen and you end up having just a small portion of your screen for the real content? That’s where the following apps come in. These apps block the ads that appear on your Android device, thus removing any distractions while you use your favorite app or play a game.


AdAway is one of the best solutions for all of your ad-blocking needs. But before you can use the app, you need to have your device rooted. So if your phone is rooted, just go ahead and get the app installed on your device. The app lets you download hosts’ files that contain most of the IPs from where the ads are served and the app blocks them all. That results in empty space in the ad slots.

If you want to block ads from certain domains, you can import your own host’s files into the app. That way, you will only see ads from the domains you trust; the rest of the ads will be blocked.


Adblock Plus for Android runs in the background on your device and blocks any ads that try to appear on your device. It automatically selects the best approach for blocking ads on your device with its intelligent algorithms. It runs on both rooted and non-rooted devices, but it is recommended that you have a rooted device. Rooted users get some extra features that are not available for non-rooted users.

The app also integrates with Firefox on your device, thus preventing any ads from appearing while you are browsing the web on your device.


Usually Google does not allow any ad-blocking app to be available in Google Play; however, NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite is an exception. As the name says, you do not need to have a rooted device to be able to use the app. It lets you block ads in certain apps and games that you have installed on your device. When you run an app that is in the block list, the app will not allow it to connect to the Internet, thus preventing it from fetching ads from servers.

The app claims to be blocking ads in over a 100,000 games, and that is not a small number, is it?


Has it happened with you that when you installed an app from the Google Play it created some useless bookmarks on your homescreen? If it has, you should consider using AppBrain Ad Detector. It prevents any apps from installing malware or spyware on your device in forms of ads, giving you peace of mind while downloading contents on your device. Besides, it blocks notification ads as well, so you will not see those unwanted notifications all the time while enjoying your favorite game.


So you just installed an app on your device and it changed your default browser, or it changed another behavior of your device. In this case, you need the TrustGo Ad Detector app. The app removes any unauthorized content that often comes with some apps and helps you from leaking any confidential information stored on your device.

Ads often become annoying when they are in mass and the apps above should help you get rid of them on your Android device. Have an ad-free experience!

Image Credit: OSArena