How to Dim the Display Further on Your Mac

How to Dim the Display Further on Your Mac

Sometimes the default settings provided by the manufacturer are just not right for you, making you wish you had a way to somehow change that to your liking. One of these settings is dimming down the display on a Mac machine. The default settings for the brightness just do not work for some users, and there are various reasons for that. Maybe you are in a really dark place and even the dimmest serring is still very light for you.

At such times you can either work with the default settings even though you do not like them, or you can find a useful guide like this that helps you dim the display further down on your Mac.

Yes, there is now a way for you to dim the display more than what Apple allows you to do, and the following guide explains everything you need to know.

Dimming the Display Further

A free app called Shady allows you to bring down the lightness level of your Mac’s screen to something that Apple has not given you by default. Here’s how you can go about using the app for the good of your eyes.

1. Download the Shady app and install it on your Mac.

2. Launch the Shady app by clicking on Launchpad in the dock and then searching for and clicking on the Shady app.


3. Since the app was downloaded from outside the App Store, you will be asked if you really wish to open it. Click on “Open.”


4. As soon as the app is launched, you will notice a difference in the lightness of your screen.

The app sits in the menu bar. Click on the app icon, and you should see the slider that lets you move from light to dark and vice versa. Drag the slider over to the Dark option to dim the display further.


5. You can also move the slider to the Light option.

There is an interesting thing about the app that you just used above. While you may have guessed that the app actually changed the values of lightness for your screen, it did not actually do that. What it did, though, was place a grayish overlay on your screen and made you think it actually dimmed down the display.


If the default settings on your Mac are not helping you dim the display to what you want, the above app should help you do that without costing you a penny.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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