Become a Pro with Digital SLR Photography for Dummies

Always wanted to take stunning digital photos but don’t know where to start? It doesn’t have to be that difficult to learn to take photos like the pros.

You, too, can learn to take beautiful digital photos with Digital SLR Photography for Dummies. Digital photography is made much easier with this thorough course bundle that will educate you in all the modern techniques. You’ll get interactive lessons to learn how to balance all the settings to take professional-looking shots.

With this course bundle bundle you’ll learn how to:

  • Become comfortable with your digital camera to apply the best principles in photography
  • Set shutter speed, ISO, and aperture
  • Manipulate depth of field and autofocus point
  • Use flash and avoid the red-eye effect
  • Compare and use different lenses and how to set up different kinds of shots
  • Take advantage of the different type of photography open to you with your digital SLR cameraGet this digital photography course at 79% off for just $35.

Digital SLR Photography for Dummies

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  1. “Become a Pro with Digital SLR Photography for Dummies”
    You may master the mechanics and science of digital photography but unless you are artistically inclined, you will never be anything but a mechanical snapshot shooter. Professional photographers are artists, not mere mechanics. Does finishing a cooking school automatically make one a Master Chef? Does finishing Harvard Law school make one into a Clarence Darrow of F. Lee Bailey? Does successfully reading Piloting for Dummies make one inro a commercial pilot?

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