Improve Your Skills with the Digital Marketing Guru Bundle

Being able to utilize the digital age for marketing is beneficial for everyone. However, it’s an ever-evolving world, so you need to keep up with your skills. You can do just that by taking the courses in the Digital Marketing Guru Bundle. You’ll learn about basic programming and copywriting principles and will be introduced to data science and web development. Your digital marketing game will definitely be turned up a few notches.

This bundle includes the following four courses:

Basic Programming for Marketers – If you’re in need of transforming your marketing knowledge to being more digitally-minded, you’ll want to start with this course.

  • Four hours of content
  • Discuss tech more intelligently with developers
  • Discover how apps, software, and programs are built
  • Work with and script in common programming languages such as Python

Introduction to Data Science – You’ll be able to take digital marketing to the next level by learning how to analyze data to solve problems.

  • Fourteen interactive units
  • Manipulate data using analytical skills
  • Develop a business acumen and discuss findings
  • Learn to separate vital signals from irrelevant noise
  • Use analytical toolkits such as Microsoft Excel and the R programming language


Introduction to Web Development – This course will show you the basics of building websites as well as how they work, especially in regards to HTML and CSS.

  • Six hours of course content
  • Detail the different website elements and learn how to access them
  • Determine the proper semantic HTML structure
  • Learn about HTML tags, lists, and how to embed media
  • Discover the various CSS properties for displaying HTML
  • Study the box model of CSS

Effective Copywriting Principles – Master the art of copywriting in this course to more effectively build your brand by possibly even handling your own copy needs.

  • Access to ten extensive units
  • Analyze copy criteria and identify headlines
  • Learn how to write the body of the copy and the sales process
  • Determine how to create effective copy with video, text, and other resources
  • Study the history and psychology of copywriting

Get all four courses for just $39.

Digital Marketing Guru Bundle

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