Top 4 Desktop Headphone Stands for Your Desk

Studio headphones are great for those long nights of video editing or long music listening sessions, but where are you putting them when they’re not in use? In the case? Doubtful. On your desk in the way of your keyboard and mouse? A bit more likely. This article will cover five great headphone stands for your desk based on build material and quality as well as any added features.

1. Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand


First and foremost on the list would have to be the downright gorgeous stand by Satechi. It packs a minimalist design made entirely of aluminum in gold, rose gold, silver, and space grey finishes. There’s a rubbery mat on top of the stand to avoid scratching your headphones, and if you have cabled headphones, there is a place to wrap the cables around. What makes this stand particularly useful is the three USB 3.0 passthrough ports on the front base and a 3.5mm audio jack passthrough on the right side. A USB port is located in the back as well, and with the included cable you can plug the stand into the back of your computer. A subtle blue LED light on the base verifies that the stand is connected and ready to charge your devices or transfer data. At a list price of $39.99, there are not many other stands that can beat it. Do look out for sales, though, as it happens to drop in price quite often.

2. AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand


The AmoVee acrylic headphone stand features a sleek modern design made of acrylic. The thickness of the acrylic is much more than that of similar counterparts which adds to the overall stability of the stand. One downfall, though, is the lack of a cable management solution in the classic design. This stand design is clearly meant for an overarching sense of simplicity and focus on the headphones, not necessarily the stand. The classic stand comes in both black and clear acrylic, while a “headphone hanger” option is available that takes more of a typical stand format with support for wrapping cables.

3. The Anchor


For those that do not like keeping their headphones on the desk as an aesthetic point, this one is for you. The Anchor is a simple under-desk mounted hanger capable of holding up to two pairs of headphones. 3M tape keeps it all attached to the underside of your desk, so there is no risk of it falling out. If you do not have room on the under side of your desk, it can be attached off to the side of the desk instead. One downfall with this, though, is that you will then only be able to store one pair of headphones. Nonetheless, if you want your headphones out of the way yet easily accessible, you will want to get your hands on this one.

4. Alctron Headphone Hanger


The Alctron headphone hanger is basic in the sense that it is essentially an overhang clamp painted in black. No frills whatsoever – it is just meant to get the job done. Other than the clamp being visible on top of the desk, there is not much holding this one back from being a simple and great product. Especially with the sale price tag of $12.99, it is one to be reckoned with.


What headphone stand do you use yourself, and what set of headphones do you pair up with it? What would you consider to be the best features to pack into a headphone stand? Leave us a comment down below!

Corbin Telligman
Corbin Telligman

I'm a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.

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