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One of the most tedious tasks to do on a computer is to keep it organized. Whether you’re downloading a new music track or an email attachment, you will probably place them in the Desktop for easy access. Over time, the Desktop becomes cluttered and you will find that you won’t be able to find the files you want so quickly now as your desktop is now overwhelmed with files, folders and icons. If you’re a Mac user, there may be a number of tools that can help you keep your desktop organized. One of these is Desktop Groups.

So what the Desktop Groups app does for your Mac is let you group related files to make it easier for you to find them at a later time. For instance, if you have some project files that are relevant to each other, just put them in a group and you’ll be able to find them easily when you need them, without looking here and there on a large cluttered desktop. It’s really easy to get started with the app and it takes no time for you to start creating file groups. Here’s how:

Installing and Configuring the App

To get started, simply head over to their website, download the app in a zip archive, double-click the archive, and you’ll have the actual app right there. Alternatively, you can download it from the Mac App store. It comes with a 7-day free trial after which you have to pay for the full version of the app at $9.99.

To make the app available in your Launchpad, simply drag and drop it into the “Applications” folder and it should be instantly available for you to use in your Launchpad.


When you launch the app for the very first time, it’ll tell you it’s a seven-day trial after which you’ll need to buy the full version of the app. Click on “Try” and you’ll move further.


There’ll be an initial setup to make the app work. Click on “Next” on the first screen, and you’ll move to the setup section.


Here, you need to click the “Connect” button that will connect your Home folder with the app. Once that’s done, click “Next”.


On the screen that follows, click on “Select Folder” and choose the folder where you want your group details to be saved. Once that’s done, click “Done” and you’re done setting up the app.


Creating a New Group

So you’re all set installing and configuring the app. Let’s see how you can create a new group for your files.

There will be a group area on your desktop. Click on it. Then, click on “Group” followed by “New Group”. It will let you add a new group.


A new group area will be shown on your screen. Click on the title of the group and enter a title. Then, drag and drop the relevant files that you want to be added to this group onto the group area.


Your new group has been successfully created and you should be able to see your files right in there.

The app allows you to have custom group titles so you know what files that particular group is for. And, it integrates with the Mac’s Quick Look feature to let you quickly view your files. If you want to add a number of files to a group, you can resize the group so that all the files fit.


The best way to keep your Desktop is to be disciplined and clean up your Desktop regularly. Best still, don’t cultivate the habit of placing anything on the Desktop. If all else fails, then this Desktop Groups app will be useful for you.

Desktop Groups

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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