Desktop Drapes: Another GNOME Wallpaper Changer

We have covered several wallpaper changers for GNOME. Here is another one to add to the list.

Desktop Drapes is a simple wallpaper manager application for the GNOME desktop. It can automatically pick up any new wallpapers you have added to a directory and randomly change your wallpaper at regular interval, or whenever you fell like it.


Installing Desktop Drapes in Ubuntu is easy. Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager. Search for ‘drapes‘. Check the box beside it and click Apply.

Once installed, you can start Desktop Drapes via System->Preferences->Desktop Drapes. There won’t be any popup window or configuration menu. Instead you will find a new icon on the right of the top panel. Simply click on it to change your current wallpaper.


To configure Desktop Drapes, right-click on the icon and select Preferences. You won’t see a window with many options. On the main screen, you will see your current wallpaper. To add extra wallpapers from other folders, click “Add”.

desktop drape configuration window

On the General tab, you can choose whether you want Desktop Drapes to start and switch wallpaper when login. You can also set the timing to auto switch the wallpaper at regular interval.

desktop drape configuration

Generally, this is a simple wallpaper changer that performs what it suppose to do: change wallpaper at regular interval. If you just want a simple set-and-leave-it wallpaper changer, then this would be the right choice. However if you want more functionality such as auto-download photos from Flickr, I would recommend Webilder.