How to Delete your Social Networking Accounts

Social networks have taken the Internet by storm. Almost everyone these days has an account on Facebook or is obsessed with Twitter (or both). And while bloggers like us love social networks, not everyone can keep up with all services they sign up with.

Take me for example, I used to be an avid Orkut user (Yes, yes, I liked Orkut .. sue me!), but have almost stopped visiting the site since I joined Facebook. I also had an account on Myspace and hi5 before Orkut (and then Facebook) pulled me away. And of course, I use Twitter !

Oh and when I say I moved over to Facebook, that only means that I don’t log-in to hi5 or Orkut anymore. I still have accounts there, though. And I’m reminded of that fact every couple of days when I receive an email from them asking me to “reconnect” with some of my lost buddies.

If you, like me, are sick of such reminder emails, I think it is time to delete your profiles on those social networks that you don’t use anymore.

The social networks, on their part, don’t really make it easy to find the option to delete your profile, obviously, so we’ve listed out ways to do that on some of the most popular networks around.


To delete your Orkut data, click on the Settings link and under the General Tab, you’ll find a link that says Delete my Orkut Account. Click on that link.



hi5 is another one of those social networks that used to be quite popular some time back but most people moved on to other networks when their friends moved on. Your account is still there, though, and to delete your account click on the Account link and click on the button that says “Cancel my account“.



Among all the social networks that I’m on, Twitter is probably the most addictive and if you also seriously think that it’s becoming a hindrance to your offline social life and want to get rid off it, click on the the Settings link in the top right hand corner of your screen and scroll down to the bottom of the Account tab. You’ll see a link that says, Delete My Account. Click on it.



When it comes to social networks, Facebook, is the big daddy of them all. See how I said Big daddy and not the grand daddy. Facebook is a relatively new network and if you already have friends on other networks that you don’t want to lose touch with, why bother with Facebook, right?

Deleting your facebook profile is probably the toughest of them all, because Facebook doesn’t really provide a method using which a user can delete his/her account. All they let you do is deactivate your account, which means that your data is still with them, but no one will be able to interact with you on the site.

Click on the Settings link in the Top right corner of the page and Select Deactivate from the Settings tab.


To really delete your account from Facebook, though, you’ll have to contact their customer service team and ask them to delete your account.

Which other social networks are you guys a part of? Do they let you delete your Account with them or keep your data locked up forever?

Image credit: liako

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