How to Delete Saved Searches on Twitter

If you use the saved search featured on Twitter, you may have a hard time finding the “remove saved search” option. It’s not difficult to do, it’s just kind of hidden away where many users may not look.

Twitter allows you to save up to 25 saved searches to your account, which is really useful for brand management, getting new blog post ideas, and finding all types of resources – among other things.

If you happen to get up to the 25 saved search limit and need to make room for more, or you just want to get rid of one of more of your saved searches, here’s what to do.

1. Go to the Twitter website and login to your account (if you’re signed out).

2. Click on the search bar at the top of any page on Twitter, and your saved search queries will appear in a little pop-up below it.

Click in the seach box make your saved searches appear.

3. Click on the saved search query that you want to delete. This will bring up search results for the query, but it will also bring up a settings option (gear icon).

4. You’ll see the saved search query at the top of the results and a gear icon to the far right of it. Click on the gear icon to bring up two options.

Click the gear icon to bring up the remove option.

5. Click on “remove saved search” and you’ll get a verification message. It will ask, “are you sure you want to remove this search?”

6. Click on “yes” to remove the saved search query, or click on “now” if you’ve changed your mind.

7. All done! If you’ve clicked yes, the save search query will disappear.

So now you see how easy it is to delete a saved search query on Twitter.

Image credit: theanthonyryan


    • You’re right, it doesn’t. This is strictly for the Web. Would you like us to cover how to do it on the iPad as well?

      • Actually, I just remembered that we don’t cover iOS here anymore (sorry). I have an iPad and on the Twitter for iPad app, I don’t believe there’s a way to delete searches – not that I can find anyway.

  1. Thanks. If you do the delete on the web it will also remove the saved searches on your apple devices – iPhone & iPad. The saved searches are linked to your Twitter profile and not the device.

  2. This doesn’t help if the search you’re wanting to delete is an account, not a search. My twitter saved my friend’s profile in the search when I typed her name in and it won’t let me remove her search so it just comes up every time I go to search something :/

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