How to Delete Google History Permanently

fBeing a denizen of the Internet means that you likely have a Google account, and using a Google account means that a business you don’t really know that much about has a lot of your personal information and search history on hand. Privacy and security concerns are a big deal for modern Internet users, and for that reason you may want to know how to delete Google history permanently.

Clearing Your Google Search History

When most people want to clear Google history, it¬†usually means they want to clear their Google¬†“search” history and not all of their Google app information (though we’ll dive more into that later on in the article). To delete any history data from Google’s servers, you’ll have to start by going to Google’s My Activity page.

Now that you’ve done that, note the “Filter by date and product” just under the Search bar on the screen. Click that and you’ll get a popup window that looks something like the following.

All time” will be selected at the top by default. You can adjust that as you please. Scroll down the options of Google products to select “Search,” then click the Search button at the top of the screen. This will present you with a list of all of your search activity.

Now all you have to do is click the Options icon in the Search bar, and then “Delete results” to purge your search history. By default, this will delete all of your Google search history: be sure to add a filter if that’s not what you want to do!

Clearing Individual Google App History

Of course, maybe you don’t want to clear your search history. Instead, you may want to clear a particular Google app’s history or the history of multiple apps. Fortunately, you can do this here, too, in mostly the same way.

Open your Filters again and find the product history that you want to get rid of. In this screenshot I’ve chosen to clear the Google history for their Maps Timeline which records everywhere I’ve been with my Android phone. Many people consider things like this to be creepy, so it’s one-hundred percent understandable if you decide you want to delete it.

Finally, maybe you’re done with Google altogether or you want to start anew with a clear history on your account. In either case, read on below to find out how to clear Google history entirely.

Clear Google History Entirely

It’s time to delete everything! This will get rid of just about all the data Google has on you besides your basic Google account information. To get to the page to do this, just click here.

Under the “Delete by date” option, you can choose how you want to get rid of your Google history. If you’re ready to completely purge everything, click the “All time” option and then the “Delete” button to let it rip.


Hopefully this article gave you insight into how to delete your Google history, should you need to. If you’re using this tutorial, why don’t you sound off below and talk about the reasons why? We’d love to hear from you!

Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper

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