How to Delete or Archive a Teamspace in Notion

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A teamspace in Notion gives you a convenient spot to add all the pages you and your team need. Whether it's a wiki or task pages, you can share them with everyone by simply putting them in a teamspace. If you’ve finished your project and no longer need the Notion teamspace, this tutorial shows how to remove it.

Tip: you can set up a wiki in Notion for your product, sales, marketing, or engineering team, for the company as a whole or just yourself.

How to Delete a Teamspace in Notion

While you do have the ability to delete a workspace in Notion, a teamspace works a bit differently. As of this writing, you can’t delete a teamspace, but you can archive it. This removes the teamspace and all of its pages from your sidebar.

  1. You must be the teamspace owner to archive it. There are three spots to access and archive the Notion teamspace.
    • Click "All teamspaces" at the top of the sidebar.
    • Open "Settings & members," and choose "Teamspaces" on the left.
    • Select the teamspace you'd like to archive in the Teamspaces section of the sidebar.
All Teamspace, Settings & Members, and Teamspaces in the Notion sidebar
  1. Click the three dots to the right of the teamspace name, and select "Archive teamspace."
Archive Teamspace in the Teamspace menu
  1. Confirm that you want to remove the teamspace by entering its name and choosing "Archive teamspace."
Archive Teamspace confirmation screen
  1. If you are viewing a page within the teamspace when you archive it, you’ll see a red banner across the top letting you know that the page is in an archived teamspace.
Archived Banner on a Teamspace page

Navigate to another spot to work on a project, and the page and banner will vanish.

Recover an Archived Teamspace in Notion

If you’re the owner of a workspace that contained a teamspace, then archived it, you can recover it. This places the teamspace and all its contents back in the sidebar for you, as well as the members who accessed it before.

  1. Select "Settings & members" near the top of the sidebar.
Settings and Members in the Notion sidebar
  1. Select "Teamspaces" from the Workspace section on the left. Note that you may not see this option if you don’t have another active teamspace.
Teamspaces in the Notion settings
  1. On the right, below Manage Teamspaces, click the "Archived" drop-down box, and select "Archived."
Archived in the Teamspaces settings
  1. Select the three dots to the right of the teamspace, and choose "Restore teamspace."
Restore Teamspace in the Teamspace settings

The teamspace will return to your Notion sidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a teamspace and workspace in Notion?

A workspace is a general area that holds your Notion templates, pages, and content. A teamspace, on the other hand, is a space you set up specifically to share content with your team members. Think of it as a mini workspace. You, as the owner, can decide the level of access for team members, from creating additional teamspaces to editing a teamspace’s content.

How do I leave a teamspace in Notion?

If you’re a member of a teamspace, you can leave it if you no longer want to be a part of it. Select the three dots to the right of the teamspace in the sidebar, and choose "Leave teamspace."

How do I remove members from a teamspace?

To remove a member from a teamspace, click the three dots to the right of the teamspace, and select "Teamspace settings." Use the drop-down menu to the right of the member’s name to choose "Remove," then confirm in the pop-up window.

Image credit: Canva and Notion. All screenshots by Sandy Writtenhouse.

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