Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner Takes Care of All Floor Cleaning

Admit it. There’s nothing worse than a dirty floor, whether your floors are carpeted, hardwood, ceramic tile, etc. When you wake up in the morning and are walking barefoot to the kitchen to make your coffee, you don’t want to feel dirt and debris underneath your feet. And while pets can be great to have around, their hair isn’t, and on a wet day, their pawprints aren’t fun to clean up inside.

But who wants to keep cleaning their floors everyday to keep them pristine? This is what always made me want to try a robot vacuum cleaner. I tried the Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner and was pleasantly surprised to find it took care of all my floor cleaning. My morning walks to the kitchen are on smooth floors, and I’m not picking up dog hair on my socks.

Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Verdict: The Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a solid choice, as it checks all the most important boxes and is cheaper than the better known brands.

The Good

  • Suitable for nearly every type of floor
  • Vacuums, sweeps, and mops
  • Easy to use
  • Ships with extra parts
  • Durable
  • Remote control
  • Low cost

The Bad

  • Does not work in smart home system
  • Screwdriver needed to clean/replace filter
  • Regular maintenance required

About the Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner has three functions. Not only does it vacuum your floor, it will also sweep and mop. It works on many different floor types, be it hardwood, carpet, or tile. I have mostly laminate flooring, but also carpeting, ceramic tile, and vinyl flooring in my home. The Deenkee works well on all of these surfaces.

With that type of power, 1000Pa to be exact, you would expect it to be quite noisy, but it’s not. It’s listed at 50DB, and while I can hear it running, I can also still hear my music playing. Other than the first couple of days, it doesn’t even freak out my dog, and he’s normally bothered by my hair dryer.

The battery will last for about 100 minutes of cleaning time on a full charge, and when it reaches the low-battery point, it will return to its charging base. It will also return home on its own when it’s done cleaning, but I’m impatient and have never waited it out. When my floors look clean, I stop the vacuum. However, when I do that and send it “home,” it reduces its power and turns and leaves, and seems quite “sad” in the process to be done working.

Using the Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner


To say the Deenkee ships with everything you need is an understatement. It even includes a small screwdriver. Packed in the box is:

  • the vacuum cleaner itself
  • remote control
  • charging base
  • AC power adapter
  • two extra side brushes
  • extra filter
  • magnetic strip roll
  • cleaning brush
  • water tank
  • mop cloth
  • user manual
  • screwdriver

There is virtually no setup, other than charging the robot vacuum for the first time. The manual says you need to insert the battery first, but mine was already in place. Two AAA batteries do need to be inserted into the remote, though. The charging station needs to be plugged in with plenty of room around it, and the vacuum is placed in there to charge. That’s really all there is to setting it up.


After touching the button on the vacuum twice, It takes off from there and begins to clean. It moved around and easily cleaned up everything in my home. There wasn’t anything it left behind.


In the image above, you can see that the vacuum appears to be trapped under the table, between the legs of the stools and the power strip. But the wall sensors on either side as well as a front sensor allow it to gently bounce off things to turn itself around. The same sensors allow it to not fall down the stairs.

It easily moved over other obstacles with its great climbing ability. These include a mat placed by my sliding glass door and floor registers.


A remote control is included so that you can have further control of the robot vacuum. Along with being able to pause the vacuum and manually move it forward, backward, left, and right, you can set it to

  • do normal auto cleaning
  • do edge cleaning
  • do single room cleaning
  • schedule cleaning
  • change the clock
  • return to the charging base


The Deekee robotic vacuum will mop your floor as well. The included water tank can be filled up with water, and the mop cloth fits on this securely. This whole thing snaps onto the underside of the vacuum. It moves about your floor the same as when you’re vacuuming, except it mops from the back of the unit while it moves along.

The cloth can be rinsed clean when you’re done, or it can also be tossed into the washer and dryer. Additionally, there is a dust bin on the vacuum that can be easily emptied. A filter can be cleaned up and rinsed as well, but it looks like the screwdriver is needed to access it, so I haven’t attempted this yet.


Magnetic stripping is provided to aid in blocking off areas you don’t want to run the vacuum. I haven’t used that, as I found it just as easy to block things off by adding my own barriers, such as large pillows, laundry basket, etc.

Heeding the Manufacturer’s Warning

The instruction manual informs that the sensors on the bottom should be wiped clean regularly. This was something I didn’t pay attention to but should have.

The other day the vacuum didn’t stop at the stairs as it had for the entire week before. It somersaulted down the laminated flooring stairs and ended upright. And yet it kept on going!


This durable vacuum has some scratches on the surface, and a bumper needed to be pushed back into place, but it’s no worse for wear. I read through the manual and found the mention of cleaning the sensors. Once I did that, it was back to steering clear of the stairs.

Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for nearly every type of floor
  • Vacuums, sweeps, and mops
  • Easy to use
  • Ships with extra parts
  • Durable
  • Remote control
  • Low cost


  • Does not work in smart home system
  • Screwdriver needed to clean/replace filter
  • Regular maintenance required


I recommend the Deenkee Robot Vacuum. With all things considered, between features and value, I’d give it a solid four stars out of five. It has done everything I wanted it to do, and well. It even kept working after my own negligence. While it doesn’t have options to include it in a smart home environment, for me that’s not necessary. The remote was sufficient for me.

But the best part is that this vacuum is cheaper than the expensive vacuums you’ve heard so much of. If you’ve been wanting a robot vacuum but have held off because of the price, get the Deenkee Robot Vacuum for $229.99. But if you act before October 30, you can get $70 off with the code HRJD3G3F to bring the price down to just $159.99.

Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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