Get a Sensyne 10″ Ring Light with Tripod for Half Off

Sensyne Ring Light Featured

Whether you’re a social influencer, film instructional videos, or just like to look your best on video conference calls, a ring light can be beneficial. The Sensyne 10″ Ring Light with Tripod is extendable, features LED circle lights, and has a phone holder to leave your hands free to lead instruction or just enjoy a cup of coffee while you chat.

The right light includes a high-sensitivity touch panel with a longer life than what you would have with mechanical buttons. It allows you to adjust the color mode between cool white, warm yellow, and daylight and has 10 brightness levels. The color and brightness options will help all users but will work especially well for makeup tutorials.

Sensyne Ring Light Led Remote

The AC/DC adapter improves the brightness of the Sensyne 10″ Ring Light with Tripod by more than 50% over USB models. Extend the spring-loaded phone holder up to 5.3″ wide to fit nearly all smartphones, even if you leave your case on, and rotate it a full 360ยบ.

The lightweight yet sturdy tripod stand extends from 15.7″ to 50″ within seconds to be used on the floor or a tabletop/counter. The Bluetooth remote will fit in your pocket until ready for use and provides you with the means to snap selfies or group photos from up to 30′ away. It’s compatible with most iPhones and Android phones.

Take $24.50 off the price of this ring light and pay just $25.49.

Sensyne 10″ Ring Light with Tripod

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