Save $25 on SaneBox Subscription to Clean Up Your Inbox

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Are you trying to remain “sane” but drowning in email? Did you just come back from your summer vacation and don’t even know where to start to get through all your email? SaneBox can help! Only your important email will stay in your inbox; all the rest will be filed away neatly, compartmentalized for future reference or banished forever. Sign up for a SaneBox subscription and save $25.

The SaneBox AI will do all the work for you to sort through your email and organize it. You only need to sign in. The AI will sort through your email, leave what it sees as important in your inbox, and file all the rest in a folder called “SaneLater,” for you to deal when you have more time. If you decide something in there is more important, simply drag it to your inbox.

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SaneBox will create a SaneNews folder for you to handle newsletters and the like. Read them at your leisure. If you decide you want to always read them right away, just drag them to your inbox. The SaneCC folder will organize all those emails for you where you aren’t the primary recipient. You can also create your own folders for SaneBox.

The Web and iOS versions of Sanebox will regularly send you a digest of your non-inbox email activity. You can browse through that and decide whether you want to snooze, move, trash, archive, or mark as read. If you’re going on vacation, you can set that up with a schedule that will send an away message and save your messages in the Do Not Disturb file.

You don’t even have to change your email address or your favorite email client. SaneBox works with Gmail, Office365, iCloud, and other email addresses and any webmail email client. If your email storage is too full, Storage Optimizer will help you get rid of large emails you no longer need.

Save $25 when you buy a “Snack,” “Lunch,” or “Dinner” subscription. Snack supports one email account and two features for $59/annually. Lunch supports two accounts and six features for $99/annually, and Dinner supports four email accounts and all features for $299/annually. All plans have a 14-day free trial.


Image credit: Created by Laura Tucker with images from Unsplash and SaneBox Screenshots by Laura Tucker.

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