Save 22% on a Kasa EC70 Indoor Security Camera

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There are many reasons to put an indoor security camera in your home: to watch your pets while you’re gone, monitor your baby or young children when you’re in the other room, or keep an eye on your door. With the Kasa EC70 Indoor Security Camera, you can fulfill all those needs, save the footage in the cloud or locally, and control it via voice assistant. And at just $35, you can afford to place multiple cameras around your home.

Live stream the footage from the camera anywhere. You’ll get high-quality clear 1080p Full HD video at home and on the go as you set and move the camera’s point of view in real time. Receive alerts on your smartphone when motion or sound is detected with a 30-foot field of vision.

Kasa Indoor Camera Security

Your video footage will be secure when saved locally on a micro SD card up to 64GB or with AWS Cloud. The Kasa EC70 Indoor Security Camera will continuously record and store footage or video clips. Save up to 30 days of history and get even more advanced features if you subscribe to the Kasa Care Plan.

Operate the camera with Alexa or Google and view a live camera feed on an Amazon Echo Show. Opt in with other Kasa devices and Smart Actions and set your lights to turn on when motion is detected. Set up other interactions as well.

Take 22% off the price of this security camera and pay just $34.99.

Kasa EC70 Indoor Security Camera

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