Save $35 on an Echo Dot Kids Tiger + Echo Glow

Echo Dot Kids Glow Featured

As much as your children like to play with your Alexa device, why not let them have their own? They will be able to communicate, listen to music, do research, etc., with an Echo Dot Kids Tiger + Echo Glow. They can add some fun color to their rooms with the Echo Glow. You can get the bundle of the two Echo items for under $55.

Your child can get one of Amazon’s most popular Echo devices with the Dot Kids. It’s not a toy, however, as it’s a fully functioning device, the same as any other Echo. It looks like one, though, ensuring their enjoyment, as it’s painted like a tiger. Add the color-changing lamp to the mix to crank up the fun level.

Kids can have fun and learn when using the Echo Dot Kids Tiger + Echo Glow. They can get homework help and set alarms for when they need to start their homework.

Echo Dot Kids Glow Tiger

Additionally, there’s kid-friendly entertainment. It ships with a year of Amazon Kids+, which gives them access to kid-friendly Audible books, interactive games, and of course, educational skills. You get one year free, and if you choose to keep it after that first year, it will be $2.99/month plus tax. The device will also play music, read stories, and call friends and family.

What makes it really worth mentioning are the parental controls. The kid-friendly Echo Dot parental controls are easy to use, allowing you to set daily time limits, filter explicit content, and review your child’s activity. You can manage all of this in the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

The Echo Glow is a smart lamp for kids. They can have it light up in their favorite color. You can add a Rainbow Timer to their routine so that the light will tell them when it’s time to start or end their playtime. Add Alexa music, and your child can have their own dance party.

Take $34.99 off the price of this Echo bundle for kids and pay just $54.99.

Echo Dot Kids Tiger + Echo Glow

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