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We’re lucky that technology now allows us to have a camera on our person at any given time to capture wonderful moments and memories. It doesn’t have to stop there, though. Consider the Vizy AI Camera that’s nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign. It’s a smarter way to take pictures, as it will not only snap the images on its own but determine what’s in the images and act on it.

You may be asking what you can do with an AI camera. It captures images just like any other camera, but it will also process and interpret the images, then perform actions based on that.

An example of this is that it can snap a photo of a bird on a bird feeder, identify the species, then post the picture to the cloud. But if it captures a photo of a squirrel on the bird feeder, it can employ a technology to discourage the squirrel from sticking around.

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Perhaps you have a cat. After it’s done also trying to clear both the bird and the squirrel from the feeder, it comes to the back door to be let in. The camera sees this and texts you to let you know it wants to come back in.

The Vizy AI Camera will also be able to determine the number of cars, bikes, and people that are seen on a street during a certain time frame as well as determine the speeds of each.

Basically, it can detect or measure things, then act or record.

Through October 30, 2020, you can get in on the early bird deal before it leaves Kickstarter. For just $229, you get a Vizy AI camera with 2 GB RAM Raspberry Pi, 32 GB Ultra MicroSDXC with software pre-installed, 12 megapixel camera sensor, wide-angle distortion-free lens, switchable IR filter, I/O connectors and accessories, and power supply. The estimated delivery is January 2021.

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