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To some, cooking is a beautiful hobby, while to others, it’s a chore. If you’re in the latter group, you may be able to benefit from some smart home help in the kitchen. You can start with a Toshiba Smart Microwave Oven with Alexa. Have it do the cooking while you take care of other business.

The 1.3-cubic-feet microwave oven has energy-saving features of an LED cavity light and energy-saving ECO mode. The two features reduce the energy consumption of the appliance. It also includes a sound on/off function that allows you to stop it from beeping when it finishes cooking. This is especially helpful for those late-night snacks when you don’t want to wake up the whole house.

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A built-in humidity sensor automatically adjusts the cooking power of the Toshiba Smart Microwave Oven with Alexa for optimum heating. Additionally, the preset menus include 23 popular foods, such as popcorn, pizza, vegetables, and more.

Perhaps best of all is the Alexa feature. The microwave oven will connect to an Amazon Echo device as well as the Alexa app on your phone and works as a skill. This allows you to use voice control or operate the oven through your phone. You can ask Alexa such things as to microwave the popcorn, reheat a cup of coffee, defrost meat for a certain length of time or a specific size.

Take 14 percent off this smart microwave in stainless steel and pay just $120.85. It’s also available in a 1.2-cubic-feet size and black stainless steel.

Toshiba Smart Microwave Oven with Alexa

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