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It would be great to have all the newfangled options of a new car, but paying a hefty car payment each month isn’t very favorable, especially if your current car is still working well. One solution is to just buy those features as add-ons, such as the Chortau Dash Cam, Front and Rear. While many new cars come with cameras built in, you can get that option with this dash cam set.

The camera system has a Wide Dynamic Range front camera with a 1080P resolution and a waterproof rear camera. License plates and road signs will be captured clearly, even at night, by the front camera. The 170º of the front camera and the 130º of the rear camera will help eliminate your blind spots.

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The Chortau Dash Cam, both front and rear, have seamless loop recording that will overwrite old footage with new footage once the memory card is full. It supports a 32 GB micro SD card, which is not included with purchase. Sudden collisions will be detected by a variable sensitivity G-sensor, and the cameras will automatically begin recording. The footage will be immediately saved and locked to protect it from being overwritten in case there are driving disputes. Accidental scratches to your car will be recorded as well.

The camera system is easy to install and operate, and the user manual has pictures to help you along. A suction mount can install the camera on your windshield in mere seconds. Then it’s just a matter of inserting the SD card and connecting the power supply. The cameras will turn on immediately after starting up the car and will save whatever video has been recorded once you turn off the engine. If you encounter any problems, Chortau offers 24/7 after-sale technical support.

Take 62% off this $100 dash cam and pay just $38.23.

Chortau Dash Cam, Front and Rear

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