Get a Blink Video Doorbell with Alexa for Under $40

Blink Video Doorbell Featured

If you’re envious of those who have Ring Video Doorbells, you don’t need to settle. You can get a Blink Video Doorbell with Alexa, giving you most of the same features for under $40. Along with Alexa, you also get two-way audio, HD video, and motion and chime alerts from the app.

Have the freedom to not need to be near your door to answer it. You can even be in another location, outside your home, or in another region 1000 miles away. Answer your door no matter where you are while on your smartphone and talk to your visitor through two-way audio. Get both motion alerts and doorbell alerts with the app.

Blink Video Doorbell Setup

Connect the Blink Video Doorbell to your existing doorbell configuration through a wired connection or a Sync Module (sold separately). Save your clips locally through Sync Module 2 and your USB drive or to the cloud with a Blink subscription plan. Take advantage of the free 30-day trial before you commit. You can use your existing chime if you connect to your current wiring. Alternately, be alerted through Alexa via the Sync module or a Blink Mini camera (sold separately).

The video doorbell can be set up in just minutes, taking not much more than installing the included AA lithium batteries and a Wi-Fi connection. It ships with the video doorbell, 2 AA lithium batteries, four screws, and a case opening tool. The Sync Module 2 is not included.

Take $10 off the price of this video doorbell in your choice of Black or White and pay just $39.99.

Blink Video Doorbell with Alexa

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