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The small little devices we use as portable chargers are great for those times the batteries on our smartphones and other devices die out. But the chargers can die out as well, and if you’re not near power, they aren’t always of much help. What will help is a BigBlue Portable Solar Charger. You don’t need to worry about having power, only sunshine, for it to charge your device.

This 28W solar panel charger has an ammeter that measures the current real-time value, which depends on your device, the intensity of the sunlight, and the cable. As an example, in the case of an iPhone with a 1A input current, the ammeter will read between 0.8A and 1A.

Big Blue Solar Charger

A bult-in intelligence chip in the BigBlue Portable Solar Charger will detect the device, then provide the fastest charging speed it can to its two USB outputs. If one USB is used, it’s up to 5V/2.4A, and if both USB outputs are used, it’s up to 4A. Note that of all the devices it works with, it’s not compatible with an iPad Pro.

Four carabiners allow you to hook the solar charger just about anywhere it’s convenient out in the sun. It’s 11.1″ x 6.3″ x 1.3″ when folded and weighs just 21 oz. The PET polymer surface will protect the charger and your device (in a zippered pocket) from the rain with an IPX4 waterproof level. Note that the device cannot be kept in the pocket when charging.

Take $15.60 off the price of this solar charger and pay just $54.36.

BigBlue Portable Solar Charger

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