Get an Angetube Webcam with Ring Light for Under $50

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The health crisis the world was pushed into has led to an increase in YouTubers, live streaming, and video conferencing – all activities that require the use of a webcam or built-in camera. If you take part in those activities and are unhappy with your built-in camera, consider an Angetube Webcam with Ring Light with dual noise-canceling and fast and accurate autofocus.

The webcam has an adjustable ring light built in. Its three brightness levels fulfill different requirements for your lighting needs while streaming or having a video conference. The ring light will reduce the particles and allow details in a dark environment. The microphones will improve the quality of your speech, making it clear, while also filtering out the background noise. Sound up to three meters away will be picked up.

Angetube Webcam Device

Plug and play the Angetube Webcam with Ring Light on an Xbox One, allowing you to customize your background while gaming. It’s also compatible with many live streaming software, including OBS Xsplit and Mixer. Chromacam powers background replacement.

The autofocus function means you don’t have to stay on top of it the entire time, making sure the camera is kept steady. Video is clearer and smoother with 1080P 30FP/S and H.264 in your YouTubing, live streaming, video conferencing.

Take 27% off the price of this webcam and clip the 10% Amazon coupon to pay just $45.78.

Angetube Webcam with Ring Light

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