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How much do you pay for your cloud storage? Dropbox costs $9.99 a month if you can’t contain all your files in the small amount you get for free. Box costs half that at $5 monthly. The smallest amount of iCloud storage is $0.99 monthly, and Google Drive just announced it will start enforcing a limit. What if you could just pay a one-time fee for cloud storage? You can with a Cubbit Cloud Storage Hub.

Not only is the Cubbit economical, but it’s also more privacy-focused, as you’ll keep your storage with you instead of trusting it to a faraway server somewhere. It works just like regular cloud storage, allowing you to sync, back up, and share files.

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Unlike Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and Google Drive, a Cubbit Cloud Storage Hub runs on a distributed network of Cubbit Cells. Also unlike the other services, you’ll pay just once with no monthly fees and will get 1TB of storage forever. Plug in any hard drive and expand the storage up to 4TB.

Each hub can be used with four independent accounts. None of the users will have to worry about losing their data again, with it safely backed up to Cubbit. Since it stays close to its users, it will be much quicker to recall the data.

The first Cubbit Cells are already connected worldwide with more than 3,000 from more than 65 countries. Make Tech Easier readers can take 45 percent off the price of a 1TB Cubbit Cloud Storage Hub and pay just one lifetime fee of $378. Estimated shipping date is January 2021.

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Laura Tucker

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