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If you’re looking for a voice-controlled smart speaker that utilizes Alexa, you don’t have to be confined to an Amazon Echo. More and more devices are introducing Alexa, and one of those is the Sonos One Smart Speaker. You can snatch it up now at $50 off.

Let’s not forget the most important aspect of the Sonos One, as it is, after all, a speaker. It will deliver rich sound that will fill the room with your favorite music that can be delivered to the speaker via Apple AirPlay2.

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The Sonos One Smart Speaker is controllable via voice control with Alexa built in, allowing you to play music, check the news, set alarms, seek information, etc., all with just your voice, keeping your hands free for other matters.

The compact size of the speaker will fit just about anywhere in your home, be it your office, bedroom, or kitchen. You can even put it in your bathroom, as it’s humidity-resistant. If you buy two smart speakers, you can pair them together in the same room for a more detailed stereo sound or in a home theater setup. They’ll connect to other Sonos speakers as well.

You can save $50 on the second generation of this speaker in black or white, purchasing it for just $149. Buy a two-room set of speakers for $298.

Sonos One Smart Speaker

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