Save $250 on a White or Black Google Pixel 4

Uk, October 2019: Pixel 4 White Smart Phone On Office Desk

Everyone always wants the newest smartphone on the market, but not everyone can afford it, so some people settle for last year’s or the year before’s model. But this deal allows you to buy an Android phone that was just released last October. You can take an incredible $250 off the Google Pixel 4.

The best feature on this Pixel phone could be the camera. It includes “Motion Sense” that allows you to control the camera without touching it and with a simple wave of your hand. The phone also allows you to adjust the exposure of different parts of the photos.

Deal Pixel 4 Front Back

The Google Pixel 4 also employs Quick Gestures which lets you complete actions without having to touch the phone, just like Motion Sense. It’s a great feature to have when your hands are busy, such as when you’re driving or eating.

The Adaptive Battery learns what your favorite apps are and reduces the power to the other apps that you don’t use as often. The Pixel 4 can also be charged wirelessly with the Pixel Stand or any Qi-certified wireless charger.

You can take $250 off nearly every iteration of the Pixel 4 that is offered: Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, 64GB, and 128GB, in both white and black. The orange version is not included in this deal.

Google Pixel 4

Image Credit: Pixel 4 white smart phone on office desk by DepositPhotos and Amazon

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