Date/Time Missing In the Menu Bar in Ubuntu 13.10? Here’s the Fix!

If you have upgraded your Ubuntu machine to Ubuntu Saucy 13.10, one of the things that you might find missing is the date/time indicator in the menu bar. And if you visit the “System Settings -> Time and Date -> Clock” section, you might find that the option to add it to the menu bar is greyed out and disabled.


If you are having this problem, here’s the fix.

1. Reinstall indicator-datetime. It should be installed by default, but just in case you have removed it unknowingly, it is best to run the install command again.

2. Next, we are going to reconfigure the date time:

3. Lastly, restart unity.

That’s it. The date and time indicator will appear in the menu bar now.

Damien Damien

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  1. THIS SOLUTION WILL NOT WORK. The problem is the server location. If you chose a server that is out of your geographic area, this problem occurs. Use Synaptic to correct. Choose the server that is for your region. In my case, my region was China, but the server for repositories was UK. Setting the server to China, then reboot, fixed the problem, permanently.

  2. GRT!!!, It works. By the way, can you tell what could have the problem. Because, i’d not done any thing in my DATETIME setting & it just vanish from my menu bar.

  3. At work I always need to see the time like every 30 mins.
    In my Ubuntu 13,10 it was all fine until I accepted to install an update… then the time dissapeared

  4. Thanks for that – mine suddenly disappeared in the last day or so and this has got it back.
    Most grateful.

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