Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate

How I wish that there is only one unified video format in the whole world and all the media players support that particular format. In reality, this is not the case. With so many mobile devices out there each supporting different audio/video format, it can be a great hassle finding out which format is suitable for which device. Just imagine the time saved from converting your .avi movie to iPhone compatible .mp4 format.

This is where Danuisoft Video Converter Ultimate (DVCU) comes in. DVCU does not unifies the video format, but it makes your video conversion a much simpler task, and I really mean it when I say “a much simpler task”. The software is not called “Video Converter Ultimate” for nothing. In fact, this feature-packed software is really the only video converter you need.

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Multiple formats

There are many features that make Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate stands out from the rest and one of them is the huge list of video/audio formats that it supports. Ranging from avi, mp4, wmv, rmvb, mkv, h264 to mp3, ogg, wav, 3gp, flac and many more.

On the main screen, you just have to drag and drop the videos to the main pane, then click the Start button (on the bottom right) to start the conversion. DVCU will then take care of the rest.


Alternatively, you can manually add the video/audio files or get it to read DVD from your DVD drive and rip it to your desired video/audio format.

Last but not least, you can also add the URL of a video file, get it to download the videos (from Youtube or any other video sites) and add them to the main pane.

Output Settings

In the Output settings, you can specify the file format to convert your video to, or simply pick the model of the handset/mobile device that you are using and DVCU will automatically convert the video to the desired formats.


The list of mobile devices supported by DVCU is pretty comprehensive, ranging from most of the Android models to iPhone, iPod Touch (and all other iDevices) and some of the lesser known mp3/video players. There are also choices to convert to HD movies or videos meant to be uploaded to YouTube/Facebook. If none of the options suit you, you can even specify your own output setting, including the frame rate, bit rate and encoder.

Removal of DRM content

One solution that a lot of people are always searching for is “how to remove DRM from your video/audio”. A good thing is, DVCU comes with a DRM removal feature that can remove the DRM license from the files, regardless it is iTunes’ .m4p music .m4v video .m4b audiobook, or the “Play for Sure” of Windows Media protected .wma .wmv files, or even BBC iPlayer WMV, Audible Audiobook AA.

Editing of video/audio

A video converter software won’t be complete if it doesn’t come with any video editing feature. In DVCU, you get video editing features like trimming, cropping or even add video effects.


Other Features

Some other features found in DVCU include:

  • Copy to devices: Once you have downloaded a video, or finished converting a file, you can get it to copy to an attached mobile device.
  • Performance throttle: You can specify to use 1/2 CPU core to process the conversion. It can also make use of multi-thread technology to improve the conversion time.
  • Merge multiple files: Able to merge multiple files into one.

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