Do You Think Cybersecurity Has Become Obsolete?

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So many people seem to be focused on cybersecurity and privacy in their computing. Yet time after time, year after year, week after week, we continue to read more and more about data breaches leaking our account info, passwords, financial data, etc. It’s hard to figure out how to keep your information safe.

Forbes suggested recently that Facebook’s latest password breach suggests that Internet users see cybersecurity as obsolete. Is this true? Do we not even think it’s possible anymore? Do you think cybersecurity has become obsolete?

Our Opinion

Sayak believes that cybersecurity is changing a lot from how we first perceived it. “It’s is no longer just about passwords being vulnerable and accounts being hacked.” He thinks online threats are more serious today because surveillance operations have been increased, leaving a larger fear of governments and private consortiums than hackers. If you make political statements against your country, you’ll be on a watch list very quickly.

He believes it’s important for other countries to have regulations like the EU’s GDPR. He believes “that and the prevalence of IoT devices will make security challenges a major concern, although new ideas such as WP3 and hardware resilience, are becoming mainstream.”

Phil reports he takes security very seriously but also recognizes it can only protect you so much, so he tries to stay alert while also not getting paranoid. He does tape over front-facing cameras he doesn’t use and hates the idea of being observed without his consent.

He realizes it’s unlikely but knows the only 100 percent way to make sure you have cybersecurity is to “physically block the path with atoms.” The only control you have against being hacked is your passwords, and they aren’t really hacked but are more “exposed in huge batches when a single lax public service server is hacked.” He believes the key is just to never click on a link in an email and to have different passwords for everything important and change them frequently.

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Andrew feels that “in a sense cybersecurity is always dipping in and out of obsolescence.” The new attacks and new technologies that are both happening all the time mean standard cybersecurity practices in effect now could be very out of date next year. But it’s more relevant than ever because people have become desensitized to breach.

He thinks it just needs to be easier for people to take care of to make sure it happens more often. Knowing people in the field of cybersecurity, he reports most feel that there’s a lot of demand and not enough supply right now. With more and more services depending on the Internet and other technology, having someone rip that apart with a cyber-attack is very undesirable. He concludes that cybersecurity is the opposite of obsolete.

Simon doesn’t think cybersecurity has become obsolete. While people have gotten used to the idea that their information is being leaked, “cyber security still has a place in the digital world.” If your password is leaked, you just change our password, but if a hacker gets access to your security camera, it becomes more of a problem.

With gadgets connecting us to the Internet, he sees it all as a two-way street. While we connect for convenience, hackers can always access the device by coming up the back way. “If we go slack on cybersecurity now, we’ll have smart locks, cameras, and gadgets that are totally open to the whim of hackers.”” Cybersecurity needs to be stronger than ever.

I can see why people might think it’s obsolete, as there are so many hacks and data breaches, and it does tend to make you wonder if there’s even a point of trying to protect your information. I report on many of the breaches and leaks here for Make Tech Easier. But that doesn’t mean we need to be lax. No matter how frustrating it is and no matter how much it may seem to be obsolete, we have to continue doing whatever we can to erase the threats.

Your Opinion

Are you concerned about cybersecurity? Or do you think there’s not much you can do about it anyway” Do you think cybersecurity has become obsolete? Join our conversation below in the comments.

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  1. How can we have effective cybersecurity when governments demand backdoors in all security and encryption software?
    How can we have effective cybersecurity when companies expend more effort on harvesting data than on securing it once they’ve harvest it?
    How can we have effective cybersecurity when data has become the de facto coin of the realm?

    It boggles the mind that companies such as Equifax, Target, Yahoo and others, with large IT staffs, cannot secure their databases against the hackers. Are the hackers that much better/smarter than the cybersecurity experts? The corporate world needs to incentivized to develop better security. A fine of $1,000 for each record stolen or compromised should be a nice, round, starting number. (In addition to incentivizing companies, the fines will help to balance governmental budgets.)

    “Are you concerned about cybersecurity?”
    Damned right I’m concerned!

    “Do you think cybersecurity has become obsolete?”
    Cybersecurity has not become obsolete. It has become an impediment to all the data harvesters (and I don’t mean the hackers),

  2. It’s the ever more numerous apathetic idiots, dolts, imbeciles getting and using phones/devices/computers!

    Tell them they need to make their secure? Watch the dull, blank stare happen. The stupidity is rampant in the general public. They not only don’t care, but some simply refuse to save themselves the troubles and heartache because – they might have to actually *think* to do something like that! I swear it seems to almost cause brain *pain* in some people I tell should do things to secure their stuff!

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