How to Customize Android Lockscreen For Maximum Productivity

The lockscreen is one of the most left out item in Android phone. When you turn on your phone, you will usually swipe the slider across (or down) the lockscreen and go directly to your Home screen, often not giving the lockscreen a second look. However, do you know that by adding some modification to the lockscreen, it can turn itself into something useful and saves you the effort of searching deep into your apps to look for information.

Here are several ways that you can use to customize your Android lockscreen for maximum productivity.

Note: Some of the custom ROMs (such as Cyanogenmod 7 and MIUI) come with the ability to modify your lockscreen. We will not be covering those ROMs in this article.

1. No Lock

If you find it a hassle to unlock your phone everytime, the best way is to disable the lockscreen completely. No Lock does just that. After installed, it disables your lockscreen and you will find yourself at the homescreen everytime you turn on the phone.


If you have set a passcode for your phone, this app will disable that as well.

No Lock (market link)

2. Lockscreen Calendar

The lockscreen calendar displays the calendar agenda on your lockscreen so you don’t have to unlock your phone, fire up the calendar app just to see what you have in schedule for the day.


The usage is pretty simple.

1. Install and open the app.

2. Choose the calendar to display on your lockscreen.

3. Press the “Update now” button.


Note: This app doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy 2 and HTC sense lockscreen.

Lockscreen Calendar

3. Simply lockscreen

Simply Lockscreen is a lock screen replacement app that comes with plenty of customization option. You can get it to display time, weather, location, battery, music player, current song, calendar events and volume settings. It also supports custom backgrounds, themes so you can choose your favorite wallpaper as the lockscreen image.


On the hind side, the app is rather buggy. Some of the customization don’t work as intended, especially the lockbar is always in the wrong position. Also, you have to reboot (everytime) for the customization to work.

Simply Lockscreen (market link)

4. Lockmenu

Instead of turning your lockscreen into an informational panel, the Lockmenu app turns your lockscreen into an application shortcut panel. You can configure up to eights sliders to appear on the lockscreen. When you slide on one, it will immediately bring you to the app.


Lockmenu is available for $1.99 in the market. There is also an ad-supported version that is free of charge.

Lockmenu | Lockmenu free (Market link)

5. LSMemo

The LSMemo app is an interesting app that allows you to place memo on the lockscreen. You can add your own message, like reminder, to do list etc and configure the color, font size of the message.

You can also choose the image to appear in the lockscreen. This means that you can place the photo of your baby and write memo on it.


In addition, you can get it to rotate the image regularly so you will see different image everytime.

LSMemo is available in the market for $0.99. There is also a free, but limited version.

LSMemo | LSMemo free (market link)

6. WidgetLocker Lockscreen

WidgetLocker Lockscreen is a powerful lockscreen replacement app that allows you to fully configure what to appear in the lockscreen. You can add apps shortcut, slider, widgets and place them in the order you want. You can also resize the widget and style up the slider with various themes.


In short, this is easily the most customizable lockscreen app in the Android market.

WidgetLocker Lockscreen is available for $1.99 in the market

WidgetLocker Lockscreen

7. LockGo

LockGo allows you to place RSS, calendar, task manager, weather, SMS and several widgets on your lockscreen. All the widgets are scrollable and you can tap on it to read the content, without having to unlock the phone.


The setting up is pretty easy. Just tap on the toolbar icon and select “Widgets”. The list of widget will appear for you to add to the screen.


LockGo is free and is available in the market.

LockGo (market link)

8. Flyscreen

Similar to LockGo, Flyscreen allows you to add multiple widgets to the lockscreen. What makes it different is that there are a lot more widgets that you can download and use. Be it the news, RSS feed, twitter, facebook, weather, sports or almost any web services, you can add them to your lockscreen.


Flyscreen is free and is available in the market.


What other ways do you use to maximize the use of your lockscreen?

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