Customize Your OSX Dock With SuperDocker

Update: Superdocker has been discontinued.

Some people love the new dock in OSX Leopard. Some hate it and trying to find ways to change it. If you belong to the latter, SuperDocker might be what you need.

SuperDocker allows you to easily customize your OSX dock. Not only can you switch between a 2D or 3D dock, you can also change the look and feel to your liking. There is quite of number of style and background images that you can mix and match, so you won’t have a lack of choices.

In excess of dock customization, SuperDocker also includes options for you to configure the Stack, Time Machine, Finder and Safari. In the event that you missed up the settings, you can also restore it to the original OSX configuration via the restoration option.

Here are some of the screenshots:

Dock customization


Stack option


Finder option


Safari option


Time Machine option




Restoration option


Choices of style for dock customization


[via SimpleHelp]

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