1. For those that r reading this. Please don’t hack your system to change your logon. Use the link below, been using this free program for years & it the best. Leave the hacking for professionals.


    1. @Madana
      Thank you for your advice. But this is not a so called system hacking. You may call it a registry tweak. And in windows registry tweaking sounds good for some purpose.
      Also those, who still don’t want to edit the registry, may follow the second method.

  2. good post, thanks for share

  3. tWindows7LogonBackgroundChanger ^^ http://tinsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=922 :)

  4. Thanks for posting these tips on how to customize the Windows 7 Logon screen. This can be such a hassle, but did you know you can use the program TuneUp Utilities 2010 to change the screen? You can download a 30 day trial of the software and then select a picture or wallpaper by clicking on “Create new” in the “Customize Windows” section. To select a picture saved on your PC, go to “Search local drives”, and use Windows Explorer to search for the image you want. Once you save the logon screen and click apply you’re all set! This post has more details—http://bit.ly/5GzfWR

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