How to Customize Windows 10 Action Center

How to Customize Windows 10 Action Center

When compared to what was included with Windows 8, Microsoft has greatly improved the new Action Center. The new Action Center in Windows 10 is just like a notifications area in any modern mobile OS. All the notifications by your operating system and other installed apps are now displayed in the notification or Action Center rather than displaying their own individual balloon tips.

Besides displaying universal notifications, the Action Center also has a few buttons which allow you to quickly launch different options in Windows 10. The good thing about the new Windows 10 Action Center is that it is customizable to some extent. Here is how you can do that.

Customize Windows 10 Actions Center

In the Action Center, you will have twelve different buttons to access twelve different options like All Settings, Bluetooth, VPN, Airplane Mode, OneNote, etc.

If you click on the “Collapse” link appearing on top of the buttons, all the buttons except for four will be collapsed. This action frees up some space in the Action Center. Moreover, you can customize those four buttons in the Settings panel.


To do that, click on the “All Settings” button.


This action will open the Settings panel. Click on the “System” option, and then select “Notifications and Actions” appearing in the left sidebar of the settings panel.


As I mentioned, you can customize four buttons in the Action Center. To do that, click on the icon you want to customize under the “Quick actions” category. This will show you a list of all the available options; simply select the option you want. In my case, I’m replacing the Tablet Mode button with the Brightness button so that I can easily adjust my screen brightness.


As soon as you’ve selected the button from the available list, it will change the button in the Action Center instantly.


After customizing the buttons, you can also customize whether or not apps should display notifications in the action center. If you want to disable apps from showing the notifications in the Action Center, then toggle the “Show app notifications” button to “off” under the Notifications section.


If you don’t want to disable all the apps from displaying notifications in the Action Center, then you can manually choose which apps can display the notifications. To do that, scroll down and you will find the “Show notifications from these apps” section. Here you can individually toggle which app can display notifications in the Action Center.

As you can see from the below image, I’ve turned off notifications from the “Despicable Me” game app so that it won’t bother me with special offers or other anything else.


Finally, if you want to remove the notification icon from the taskbar, then click on the “Turn system icons on or off” link.


The above action will open the “Turn system icons on or off” panel. Toggle the button next to the “Action Center” option.


You will no longer see the notifications icon in the taskbar, and you can no longer access the Action Center. Of course, you can also completely disable the Action Center using the Windows Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor.


Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using and customizing the new Action Center in Windows 10.

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